Rozina’s story is the stuff of legends. Hailing from Pakistan and armed with a BA degree and certified by the ACCA, Rozina settled in London where her real first passion was awakened at the London College of Fashion. Luck was with her and she was soon working side by side with the greatest names in the fashion industry. She soon discovered that her real talent lay with the abundant interior designs that support the creators of the world’s great couturiers. Designing and producing the lavish sets and events for the promotion of each seasons’ new creations, Rozina became an intricate part of the fashion world, travelling around Europe to add value to the highest echelons of the industry.  


Although largely unseen by the public at large, her talent and creativity earned her a reputation among an ever expanding and discerning clientele. When special occasions, grand parties and important gatherings needed that extraordinary extra touch, royalty and celebrities of the silver screen alike sought her out to design both their outfits and stage their events.   


It was not long before her select following sought her talents to design their homes and Rozina was soon creating fabulous interiors for her ever-expanding fans. Among other projects, she travelled to East Africa on a commission by a high-end boutique hotel company. Here she found renewed vision in blending the fashions and designs of Europe with those of the dark Continent and it’s wondrously diverse art and culture. 


The result of this fusion was truly inspirational and Rozina now designs unique and award winning interiors for the most discerning and demanding clients around the world. 


Shahnaz compliments the team with an abundance of experience in the use of fabrics, art and accessories. Having qualified in garments and textile design and technology, she has since travelled extensively around South East Asia, amassing a wealth of ideas and concepts. She has a boundless list of contacts upon whom she draws to procure fabulous products to suit every creation and event. Her approach to art and design is both original and inspirational and she applies her knowledge not only to the projects in hand but also to the stories behind the briefs. 

Much of her design skill sets are reflected in her website development work, a business that is now thriving.

Shahnaz is also an outstanding cook. Her creativity has become legendary in her fine dining business and apparent to the many people she has taught, instructed and inspired in her Asian cookery school.


Providing support to the team is Charles who comes from a hospitality background. He has worked all over the world, running and developing hotels and clubs in ten countries on five continents. Much of his work has involved project management, both for architectural and interior designs and the practical application for busy commercial environments; making sure that however grand and beautiful a concept might be, it must work ergonomically and is fit for purpose.